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Governance Election 2022-2023

Governance Election 2022-2023
There were no Candidate Statements sent to me so by default the two volunteers, Danielle Hatie and Harold Henderson become council members. Danielle will serve 1 year and Harold has the option of 1 or 2.
We need a total of three Parents on the Governance Council. They are staggered  2-year terms. Alexis Spenchian will serve her second year this year.
There are Two Parent Positions open / 2-year term
We meet every other month for about an hour. Meetings are added as needed. As an Affiliated Charter (Not Independent, we are exactly like any other LAUSD school but we get a say on how some money is spent) The Council oversees the small percentage of monies the District gives us to use as we see fit for the benefit of the academic success of WHECES and in an advisory capacity to insure curriculum and classrooms are aligned with our stated goals and vision.
A PATT Board member will attend as a liaison for information but does not serve on the council.
We already have 2 highly qualified volunteers for the positions and if no one else puts their name forward then they will become the new members, but, the Governance Council is open to any who are interested, so if there are more than 2 volunteers, then we will hold an online election.
If you are interested, please write a short essay stating why you want to be on the Governance Council and what qualities make you a good choice to represent our school community. I will post them on this page for a week and then we will vote.
9/5: Candidate Statements due to Mr. Wright: [email protected] / Posted below on this page 
9/6 - 9/11: view statements: website
9/12 & 13: election - I will set up a Google Form or Survey Monkey to hold an election if there are more than 2 candidates
9/14: announce the new members
9/29: First meeting