Course Description

Monday1/17 - No School
LA -  Lesson 
Math - "Succeed" Homework book    Module #5  Fractions
Tuesday 1/18
LA -  Lesson 
Math - "Succeed" Homework book   Mod #5  L -1
Wednesday 1/19 
LA -  Write a paragraph using the language of the discipline describing how our joints move.
Math - "Succeed" Homework book   Mod #5 L -2
Revise all incorrect problems from the Geometry Final.
All answers should be done on separate paper (include problem #s)
Note: For students who did not pass this will raise your score to passing
Thursday  1/20
LA - Lesson 
There are (2) Readworks: Eyes & Vision   /    The Human Body Vision     - Code: ZBRZMY
(2) idioms - Define - origin - use in sentence
Heads in the clouds, Hit the nail right on the head
Math "Succeed" Homework book New Mod #5  L - 3
Geometry Final  - REDUES (Corrections)  are due tomorrow - DON'T Forget