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Week of November 18 - 22: Conferences Week


Woodland Hills Elementary School Charter for Enriched Studies is committed to supporting the social and emotional well-being of our students. Programs like Second Step, a research-based program designed to promote social-emotional development, and the implementation of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support, PBIS, are just two examples of programs we use. Thanks to PATT who has provided the funding, we now have one day of counseling for students who are having social-emotional needs that might be interfering with there academic and social growth. There are also district supports available as well. 



Week of November 12-15, 2019


We are very happy to announce the hiring of a computer instructional aide. He is our very own campus aide Jeremy Eustace! The position is 100% funded by PATT! Jeremy will be using a digital literacy program from in addition to supporting staff with technology. Thank you PATT for supporting this very important position!

We all know as parents of young children technology can be overwhelming and scary. The link below can help you take control of your child's access to the web on their cell phones. There are many other websites to support you raising your child to live an internet safe childhood. Although students can bring a cell phone to school, the rule is the phone is to be turned off during the day and either kept in their backpacks or kept safe with the teacher until the end of the day. Thank you for supporting our school policy but reminding your child about this very important rule.



Christina Desiderio
Woodland Hills Elementary Charter for Enriched Studies

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.
                                                                                           Walt Disney

  Welcome to Woodland Hills Elementary Charter for Enriched Studies. We appreciate you choosing our school to educate and nurture your child. We are honored to have this opportunity to make this year a unique and valuable experience. Your active support and cooperation, combined with our professional efforts, will ensure academic success for your child.

  We are proud of each and every one of our staff members. There is a spirit of cooperation and progress at our school and we look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you. Our goal is to provide each student with a challenging and rigorous curriculum appropriate to his/her academic level. We will continue to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of all of our students. Every child will be provided a quality instructional experience as well as a balanced curriculum including the arts and technology.

  The Woodland Hills community is where children come first and education is our number one priority. With parents and staff working together as a team every child will succeed. We are thankful to have such an active parent community. Educating our children requires that we all work together and the Woodland Hills family is an outstanding example of teamwork!

  As your principal, you can expect that I will do my best to ensure that your child is challenged, nurtured, and provided with a safe and stimulating learning experience. I will have ongoing positive interactions with all of the children and be visible and accessible. If you need to contact me please do not hesitate at all. I will always make time to respond to your needs. I look forward to a successful school year!


Christina Desiderio