Principal's Message

Dear WHECES Families,
          Welcome to the wonderful world of Woodland Hills Elementary Charter for Enriched Studies, arts-integrated institution! As we eagerly prepare for the upcoming academic year, we are bursting with excitement to welcome our students back to their creative haven.
          At our school, we believe in the transformative power of the arts to nurture and inspire young minds. With vibrant colors, innovative techniques, and boundless imagination, our classrooms will once again become the vibrant stages where your children's artistic and academic talents will shine. From engaging visual arts projects to captivating music lessons and dramatic performances, we are committed to fostering a holistic learning experience combining artistic expression and academic growth.
          As we embark on this new year, we want to express our gratitude for your trust and partnership. Together, let us create a vibrant tapestry of learning, where curiosity is kindled, talents are nurtured, and friendships blossom. We cannot wait to witness the infectious laughter, the spark of inspiration, and the sheer joy that your children will bring to our campus once again.
          Here's to an extraordinary year filled with color, creativity, and countless memorable moments. Welcome back to WHECES, where every day is an adventure in learning!
          Warm regards,
          Christina Desiderio



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