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First aid is administered by the school nurse or staff for minor injuries (cleaning and bandage for scrapes, small cuts, blisters, and nose bleeds, for example) without notifying parents.  If an injury is serious or involves the head, parents will be called by the office staff.


Please keep your child home if there is any sign of illness (e.g., fever, sore throat, runny nose) to prevent your child from getting sicker or spreading the illness to others.  A child should have a normal temperature for at least 24 hours (without fever-reducing medication) before returning to school. On the day of your child’s return to school, please provide a note to the teacher.  Students returning to school following serious or prolonged illnesses or surgery must present a written statement from their doctor (per LAUSD policy) indicating permission to return to school and any recommendations regarding physical activity.


School personnel may administer prescription medications under the following conditions:

1.      The medicine is brought to the office by an adult;

2.      The medicine is accompanied by a physician’s written instructions and contained in a properly identified and dated pharmaceutical container with dosage and frequency clearly labeled. Forms to obtain a Physician’s signature are available in the front office. Non-prescription medicines, such as aspirin and cough syrup, etc. are not permitted. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Students returning to school with casts, crutches or stitches must (per LAUSD policy) present a written statement (or this form) and must include the following:

  1. Permission date to return to school.
  2.  Duration student is to use support device.
  3. Recommendations regarding physical activities.
  4. Must be signed by the doctor.

All students with crutches, casts, stitches, etc. will spend their recess and lunch period with a friend in the safety of the office.