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Homework time guidelines are listed as follows.  Please note that we do not assign homework on Fridays.  If your child does not complete their homework within the time guidelines for his grade level, please reassure your child that he/she has completed the homework goal.  In this case, a parent should write a brief explanation.  Periodically, a long-term project may be assigned and may require additional homework minutes to complete the assignment.


The purpose of homework is to develop independent, study habits and to learn how to manage their time effectively.  One strategy for parents is to develop a daily routine.


Homework Time Guidelines (Monday–Thursday) of Focused Work Time:

Kindergarten 15-20 minutes per day
Grades 1-2 30-35 minutes per day
Grades 3-4 35-45 minutes per day
Grades 5-6 50-60 minutes per day