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Hello and welcome to room 25, my name is Monica Dean and I'm pleased that you stopped by! I've been at our unique school for 17 years! As an undergraduate student, I was able to engage and work with a plethora of students at our school. I began my student teaching on 9/11/2001 in a second grade class, so in a way, I've come full circle.  After being hired for a long term substitution position in kindergarten, while completing my graduate work at Pepperdine University, I went on to teach kindergarten, and fourth grade. I love teaching, nurturing, laughing with, and challenging children to be the best version of their self! Every child has their own potential and "personal best" along with that human beings in general learn through different modalities.  For more information on this look, up Blooms Taxonomy or Howard Garnder's "multiple Intelligences." 
I'll tell you a little about my qualifications.I've been teaching third grade for the past many years and am very eager to teach second grade.  I spent many years studying and performing at S.F.S.U.I received my B.A. in Honor's in English from C.S.U.N. Finally, I earned my Master's in Education and several credentials from Pepperdine University!  This website is a work in progress, so please keep checking back for updates.