School Policies » Volunteers


We value our volunteers.  You are an important part of our program.  We appreciate you helping us to ensure the same high quality programming at our school from year to year.


Campus Access

Volunteers are granted permission to campus by the Principal.  Please provide us with a completed online application, TB Test / X-Ray, Volunteer Commitment and COVID Waiver forms so that you may be considered for volunteer service. 

Go to:   for on-line application



Once selected for service and the application process is complete, you will be issued a volunteer badge.  This badge must be presented at the time of entry and worn while on campus.  It will remain in your care for safe-keeping.  You will not be able to participate without your badge.  Volunteers will be assigned to a teacher who will designate your activities.  Please note to increase our security, you will only be allowed on campus for the days/times assigned.



Once the activity is over, volunteers are expected to leave promptly and sign out of the log-book.


Please follow the following guidelines to ensure smooth operations of all programs:

  • Do not remain on the yard during recess or lunch nor in the cafeteria area during recess/lunch
  • Do not use student bathrooms
  • Do not seek out your child as this may distract him/her from school activities


We thank you for all you do to help provide the best public education possible.